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Thank you for expressing your interest to care for and adopt a Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) dog!

Dogs from the Greyhound Adoption Program SA have been small dog assessed before entering your home, while in your home they will be temperament tested, vet checked, de-sexed, vaccinated, wormed, and introduced to pet dog life through a minimum of 6-8 weeks of foster care.

Below is a short questionnaire for you to fill out and send to the Coordinator at the details found above.  This application will enable us to begin the process for fostering a GAPSA Dog.

Once we have received your form, we will contact you to confirm that we have received your application and give you an estimate on when we might have a suitable dog available for you to foster.

I am interested in:
SECTION 1: Details  
Date (dd/mm/yyyy):
Street Address:
Post Code:
Postal Address
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Phone: (H)
Email Address:
Preferred method of communication:
SECTION 2: Your Home  

PLEASE NOTE: greyhounds are very people oriented dogs and have little body fat. Consequently, they are not suited to being left outdoors at night as they are likely to bark as they become stressed or cold.

Type of residence:
Do you own or rent?:

If rented, or if your residence is governed by a body corporate, do you have permission to own pets - in particular - large dogs?

Please provide a letter or copy of bi-laws showing this:

Attach document:
Do you have a fully fenced yard or balcony?:
If yes, what is your minimum fence/gate height?
What material is the fencing composed of?
Can gates be locked?
Where would your dog be kept during the day?
Where would your dog be kept at night?
Do you have any building material or rubble in your yard?
Do you have a swimming pool or deep pond/water feature?
If yes, would your dog be kept in or have access to the water area?
Are there any objects near fences that the dog could climb on that might assist it to escape?
Are there any sheds, garages or workshops that a dog could gain access to?
Do you have a hills hoist clothes line?
Do you have glass doors?
Are your front and back yards separated?
Are there steps into and out of your yard or property?
Are there any stairs within your property?
Do you have a holiday house or second property that the dog will visit?
SECTION 3: Home Life  
Approx. how many hours per day would your pet be home alone?
What bedding and weather protection is (or will be) available to the dog whilst outside?
Do you have another dog(s)?
If yes:  
a) How many
b) What sex are they
c) Are they de-sexed/neutered
d) How old are they
e) What breed
f) What are they like with other dogs?

g) Has your dog ever growled at or bitten another dog? If yes, what were the circumstances?

If you do not have a dog at present, have you owned a dog previously?
If yes, what happened to your previous dog(s)?
Do you have any cats?
If you have a cat(s):  
a) What are their ages?
b) Do they live:
c) Have they had any past experience with dogs?
d) If the cats have previously been exposed to dogs, what was their reaction? (check all applicable)

Do you have any other pets? (Please specify)
How many adults in your household?
Are there any children living with you?
If yes, what is/are their age(s)?
What experience do the children have with dogs?
Is anyone in the family frightened or wary of dogs?
If yes, please indicate why:
Do you have any requirement of your greyhound? (please specify)
Are the children gentle with dogs?
How much exercise do you plan to do with the dog?
Are you aware of the current muzzling requirements?
What are your reasons for choosing to foster a retired greyhound?
How did you learn about the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP)?
For promotional events and other, please specify:
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