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Photos for 2014 GAP Calendar

We are chasing your best photos of your hound for the 2014 Greyhound Adoption Program Calendar – we need all submissions by Friday 21st June 2013.

Please refer to the following guidelines for submitting your photos.

Image Quality: Digital photos are preferred however printed photos will still be accepted if they are of a good enough quality to be scanned and enlarged. Images submitted need to be the highest quality so they can be enlarged to the larger sizes printed in the calendar. To improve quality, look at your digital camera settings and make the size setting = largest and the quality setting = finest this will be the biggest possible file size at the best quality.

Naming: Your photos must be individually labeled with your name and your dog's name.

1. Digital photosIt is important to have a clear reference of the Dog/s name and the Adopter/s name. When saving files to disk rename the file in the following format: DogName_OwnerName_.jpeg Make sure each photo on the disk is named along with the disk itself.

2. Printed PhotosPlease write Dog/s name and Adopter/s name clearly on the back of each photo.

If more than one greyhound is in the submitted photos, clearly state the name of each greyhound and their colour.

Please post your photos to:
GAP Calendar Photos
PO Box 2352
Regency Park SA 5942

Or email them to

Remember to follow the naming guidelines so that we can ensure your dog is correctly identified if your pictures are selected. Please note, any photos submitted for use in the calendar may be used by GAPs around Australia for promotional purposes and therefore your permission for publication is assumed by the act of submitting your photos. If you do not wish to have your photos used for further promotional purposes please notify GAP staff at the time of submission.

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"Greyhounds On The Move" – Local Greyhound Walks

No fee to join in with the group.

Greyhounds On The Move (GOTM) is an initiative of the Greyhound Adoption Program SA. GOTM is a volunteer based walking group.

Walks/playgroups are organized from North to South in Adelaide and surrounding areas. Off Lead playgroup, BBQ Picnics, GAP Events, park and beach walks.

Photos of Adopted Greyhounds: It is great when one of these fantastic animals gets adopted to a loving family. Click here to view some photos of some recently adopted Greyhounds.

Application Enquiries: If you do not receive a response to your application within 10 days of placing your application, please contact us on
8243 7124 or email

30 Hounds on the first GAP - 'Greyhounds On The Move' walk!

Thank you to the volunteers who organised the walk today, and to all who came along. Great Job!

Waiting list for cat tolerant greyhounds continues to grow

The waiting time can vary but sometimes the wait can be up to 18 months. There are only a few foster families who have cats and we are doing all that we can to ensure any dogs likely to be suitable are given to those fosterers. For those on the waiting list, we thank you for your patience. Once we find your grehyound you wont be sorry.

It's well worth the wait. If you have any questions please contact us.

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