Non-GAP Green Collar Testing

Regardless of where an adopted Greyhound has been obtained, GAP has agreed to provide a community service in that we will assess any de-sexed retired greyhound for a green collar to exempt it from muzzling in South Australia.



Pet Greyhound owners must contact GAP to register and pay as a participant.

Greyhounds to be assessed as a "GAP Dog" MUST be de-sexed and vaccinated, and must also have ear-tattoo identification. Greyhounds without ear markings are not accepted but may be assessed via other means. (please contact 8243 7124 for more details).

Owner receives a workbook with a simple program of practical exercises to work through with their dog to help it adjust to domestic life and to help both you and GAP to find out more about your greyhound.

At the end of three months, the owner will be notified of an assessment date/time, the owner will bring the dog in with its sterilisation, vaccination & microchip certificate to the GAP assessment area for the "green collar" assessment.*

*Please note: payment of fee is NOT a guarantee that the Greyhound will successfully achieve green collar muzzle exemption status.

The fee for The Non-GAP Green Collar Package is $100.00 per assessment. This fee covers the cost of booklet materials, the collar, GAP's resources for the assessment and accountability with South Australia Dog & Cat Management Board and Councils.

To register your greyhound for assessment or for further information please call during office hours on 08 8243 7124 or email

The Greyhound Adoption Program, or GAP, is an initiative of Greyhound Racing SA, dedicated to finding homes for Greyhounds that are no longer suitable for racing.

It is our mission to:

Find suitable, loving, long term homes for racing Greyhounds whose careers have come to an end.

Educate the public about the true Greyhound personality and remove misconceptions and mistaken views that many people have of this wonderful, gentle animal.

Encourage a more positive image of the greyhound and to stimulate the public's desire to own a Greyhound as a family pet.

Prepare and assess the Greyhounds suitability as loving and loyal family pets.

Give ongoing support to the Greyhound and its new owners.

We at GAP believe that Greyhounds can make fantastic pets.  In general they are best described as quiet, lazy and gentle dogs that thrive in a family home environment. But the great thing about Greyhounds is that there is a temperament to suit just about every situation. If you prefer a more outgoing dog, perhaps one that enjoys obedience training or playing fetch with the kids for example, then we can help find the right dog for you!  The staff at GAP, pride themselves in their ability to successfully and consistently place the right greyhound into the right home environment.

GAP SA Greyhounds are among only a few states in Australia where GAP Greyhounds are allowed to walk muzzle free in public.  Based on our stringent assessments of both Greyhounds and the homes we place dogs into, GAP SA and its assessors have been awarded Dog & Cat Management Board approval to issue unique Green Collars and special un-muzzling certificates that clearly identifies the Greyhound as having graduated from our program and thus, are exempt from the SA muzzle law.

*Note that each collar is numbered and should be worn at all times in public. The DCMB exemption card must also be carried on the person for the dog to be exempt.*

This exemption became official through the Dog and Cat Management Act in 2004 and again reviewed in 2010.

All greyhounds MUST be muzzled while in public unless exemption status has been granted by the Dog & Cat Management Board SA.

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Non-GAP Green Collar Testing

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