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The Greyhound Adoption Program SA is a not for profit initiative of Greyhound Racing SA that is responsible for finding homes for greyhounds once their racing career is over.

Gaze into their eyes and you will glimpse the love and loyalty that will be yours if you open your heart and home to a greyhound. When adopted, these peaceful souls soon settle in and become part of the family.

Gentle and well mannered, they thrive on human companionship and form bonds quickly. Greyhounds require very little exercise; they're more likely to want to curl up for a snooze in the sun than run around the yard all day.

Each greyhound that enters the program completes a 4-8 week period in foster care to acclimatise them to life as a pet, so they're already familiar with all of the sights and sounds of the home environment. The staff at the Greyhound Adoption Program SA will work with you to ensure that the dog you receive will fit in well with your individual home and family.



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